Nail Measuring Instructions

How do i find out my size?
You can find your size a multiple different ways. 

1. You can purchase a "Nail Sizing Chart" for $2.00.

2. You can measure your nails. Doing this is very easy and instructions on how to measure your nails at home can be found in the description of each nail set listing. **When measuring please measure in MM only.**

3. You also have the option of ordering a 20 piece set. Nail size will be located on the back of each nail towards the tip. Please write these numbers down for future reference when placing your order.
When measuring please measure in MM only.
Measuring using Scotch Tape.
Place Scotch tape around the widest part of your nails and use a pen to mark your side walls. Remove the tape and lay it on a flat surface to measure with a ruler.

Measuring using measuring tape
Start by wrapping it around the widest part of your nail being sure not to wrap it too tightly (this will cause inaccurate results.)

Measure from where the skin meets on your nail from the left to the right (Sidewalls). Please be sure to measure both hands. Sometimes one hand may be larger than the other. 

When Measuring please refer to the chart shown below to identify the exact size of each finger.




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